-Deliveries between 48 hours and 15 working days after purchase. If the product purchased is subject to waiting list you will be informed by email in the email indicated in your subscription.

Exchanges and returns:

-If the product purchased does not convince you have 48 working hours to contact us through the email address indicating your change of product and to be provided with a postal address where you can make your shipment in the next 48 hours after your email is answered. The same applies to any claim relating to the defective arrival of your order. Customized products do not accept exchange or return.

-In the event that you wish to return the amount of your purchase, return your order or cancel a purchase, you must go to indicating a bank account number to process the return, unless the purchase was made with paypal, in which case it will be done with the same method of payment. For this you have 48 working hours from the receipt of your order. This will provide you with a postal address where you can send your order within 48 hours after your email has been answered.

-If the shipment for the change, claim or return is made after 48 working hours from the time you receive your purchase, such return would not be accepted and would not be processed.

-Exchanges and returns will be made within 15 days after the arrival of the package to our headquarters provided that the products are received in good condition and in the same condition as they were at the time of purchase.

-In none of the circumstances mentioned above will JARABO be responsible for the shipping costs of returns or exchanges.